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5679 Main Street in Downtown Sylvania, Ohio

 The Gallery began with the acquisition of the American Gallery which was a premier gallery for local and regional fine art. We have built upon the success of our earlier venue by bringing the Gallery to its current location on Sylvania’s Main Street where it will continue to showcase local and regional fine art as well as an extraordinary selection of gifts.

The River Centre Gallery’s mission is to exhibit and sell fine art by local and nationally recognized artists as well as to promote artistic self-expression on a community level. The Gallery is owned by the River Centre Foundation, a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization established to inspire personal meaning and self-acceptance through the creative arts. Art can produce healing, art can reflect inner pain, art can be the ultimate expression of joy and enlightenment. We began in a psychiatric rehabilitative setting; however, we recognized that patients thrive only if they feel truly fulfilled through developing a higher sense of meaning in their lives.  We see the creative arts as a common bridge from uncommon experiences on the pathway to personal enrichment. We are enthralled by how art tells the artist’s story and conveys their vision on the journey toward deeper personal meaning.  This message can be brought to those searching for meaning whether they begin in the depths of depression or the peaks of creative ecstasy. Our emphasis draws upon art and positive psychology in cultivating traits such as creativity, curiosity, compassion, courage, optimism and self-knowledge.

Please join our mission to promote artistic self-expression on a community level through local and regional campaigns aimed at fostering self-acceptance though art that promote human strengths, physical health and the fulfillment of human creativity.